Vía Stellae is situated in the village of Tamallancos, municipality of Vilamarín, province of Ourense. We are right in the centre of Galicia, about 12 kms from the city of Ourense where you can enjoy the therapeutic effects of its famous hot water spas.

We are also very near the Ribeira Sacra area where the visitor will be amazed by the breathtaking landscape of the Cañon del Sil (River Sil Canyon) and its wonderful walks, not to mention the award-winning white Ribeiro wine.

We are right in the heart of the Camino de Santiago, the so-called Camino del Sudeste or Via de la Plata (the southeastern route) which is one of the most popular, multibranched routes in Galicia.

Two different routes pass through the province of Ourense: one goes through Laza and the other through Verin. These share a wealth of  natural landscapes and heritage which many pilgrims are not familiar with although they go back to Roman times. The ancient Roman roadways which crossed the Iberian Peninsula were the seed and the cornerstone for this long, age-old pilgrimage which begins at the very door of  Seville Cathedral .

After treading a long, sunbeaten, solitary trail, pilgrims head north through Extremadura, crossing into Castile in Salamanca and Zamora and finally reach Galicia and the end of their adventure, Santiago de Compostela.

Stage 1. A Canda - Agudiña

Stage 2. Agudiña - Laza

Stage 3. Laza - Xunqueira de Ambía

Stage 4. Xunqueira de Ambía - Ourense

Stage 5. Cea - Castro Dozón (Nos encontramos en esta etapa)

Stage 6. Castro Dozón - Silleda

Stage 7. Ponte Ulla - Santiago